Vision Statement

ACK Kericho Diocese envisions
a vibrant empowered ACK Church whose individuals actively bears witness of God’s perfect will of love for mankind through Jesus Christ demonstrated in their character and behavior.

Mission Statement

 To bring all people into a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching, healing and social transformation that enables them to grow in the faith, hope and love to live life in its fullness.
Holy Trinity Cathedral

Our Core Values

The organizational life and ministry operations are guided by the following core values:

• Adherence to Christian ethics, practice of orthodox Anglican beliefs and traditions;

• Faith in God and obedience to the Holy Scriptures, wise counsel and guidance of holy spirit;

• Love and care for all God’s people the poor and the disadvantaged irrespective of race, religion or any other difference;

• Good stewardship, accountability, truthfulness and honest service to God and all people in the use of resources placed upon our care; 

• Hard work aided by competence and confidence for quality and satisfactory results;

• High regard for standards and professionalism

• Determination and commitment